After the inception of the jewelry program in 2013, we became aware of the need for a ministry to address the needs of widows and vulnerable women with children in our community who had been displaced by the war and had no family to assist them or any means of support. God provided for us to purchase 12.8 acres of land near the Abaana’s Hope property to build a Women’s Refuge Center for these women and children. Five traditional homes have been built, along with a piggery and garden space. Biblical truth is being taught, vocational training and money-management skills are being provided and the love of Jesus Christ is being demonstrated to women who have suffered so much pain and rejection throughout their lives. Our goal is to empower these women to be able to purchase land, build a home and provide for themselves with the skills they have learned over the past year. They will then be encouraged to become a mentor to others in the community after mastering the agriculture and animal husbandry skills.