Our Mission: Empower. Create. Restore.

Life Beads was created in 2012 as an Abaana’s Hope Christian ministry to empower the women of the Kinene community of Northern Uganda. The ministry gives women the opportunity to make a living to provide for their family by making jewelry out of paper. Each piece of jewelry is unique and hand made by Ugandan Artists. Life Beads is a ministry that literally breaths life and gives hope to a group of women that have had little opportunities for hope in their life because of the wrath that the LRA regime, Joseph Kony’s army, took on the Northern Uganda region for 20 years.

Life beads empowers women by training them to create unique pieces of jewelry and to restore the lives of women in Northern Uganda by teaching them about the one true God who empowers, creates and restores life for everyone.

By purchasing jewelry from Life Beads you are joining Abaana’s Hope to help empower and bring hope to the women who hand make each piece. All proceeds from your purchase go directly back into the Life Beads program and to the artists that create each piece of jewelry.

Get Involved:

There are three primary ways to get involved in the Life Beads ministry. You can:

  1. Host a Life Beads Jewelry Party! Help us raise awareness of these women and their stories. By inviting family and friends to purchase the beautiful handmade jewelry, you are enabling real change to occur in the lives of these women. It is super easy and lots of fun!
  2. Sell Life Beads in your local storefront, boutique or pop-up shop! We will enroll you in our jewelry program and provide you with resources to help tell the stories of these women no matter where you set up shop!
  3. Shop now in our online storeon Etsy, or in person! Come by our office to shop: 715 Avenue A, Suite 206, Opelika AL, 36801

Complete our contact form below for more information on how you can get involved with Life Beads! Remember, the proceeds from each purchase go directly back into the Life Beads program and to the artists who have created these beautiful pieces.

For more information you can also visit our Facebook page or email us at lifebeadsinfo@gmail.com