Below is a copy of our year-end newsletter for 2014 that many of you should receive in the mail soon. I hope you are as encouraged to read it as I was to write it.

Dear Supporter,

What a year! If I could sum it all up in one word it would be, “unbelievable”. I know it sounds cliché but everything that has been accomplished this year at Abaana’s Hope is because of you. If you receive this letter it is because you supported my family’s efforts in one way or the other in 2014. For that reason please hear what has been accomplished. I then challenge you to share this letter with others and tell them why you think it is a worthy cause. We are grateful for your support and we need others in order to continue what we believe is only the beginning of something far greater. Lives are being changed through your generosity. Most importantly God is becoming famous in the villages surrounding Abaana’s Hope. Below is only a brief synopsis.

  • The axis for everything we do at Abaana’s Hope is the gospel of Christ and the avenue through which everything flows is our church. Our church began forming a couple of years back but we were proud to finish our multipurpose building in 2014. It’s the first church anyone in the area had seen with a baptistery and it certainly serves as a symbol of who we are and who we serve. The building is also available to members of the community for meetings and training as needed. It contains three offices, one of which is being used as a clothes locker for the church to assist those determined to be in desperate need. In October we celebrated the dedication of the building. Approximately 2000 people attended including 847 children. All of those present witnessed the baptism of 63 new believers. The crowd pressed forward as most were seeing it for first time. Each Tuesday afternoon 35-50 people gather to study and discuss the Bible.
  • After a careful pastoral search, God provided a great man to shepherd and lead our congregation.
  • Our piggery and poultry houses were completed. These projects should be self-sustaining and should help us serve our community by teaching people to care for these animals, by introducing a pure superior breed of animal, and providing food for those God places in our care.
  • Approximately 400 men and boys attended our first men’s conference where many heard, for the first time, what God expects of a man and why He made him the way He did. Entire families are still being transformed by the seeds that were planted at this event. Village elders are pleading with us to plan the next one.
  • The first mother/daughter purity class was held where the ladies learned what a valuable treasure God made them. The ladies also are ready for the next opportunity to come together as a community and learn how to be better mothers and daughters. Rest assured they will get that chance.
  •  Our first family conference hosted men and women as they learned to love and respect one another according to God’s word.
  • Ten young people were carefully selected to attend a comprehensive Bible camp. They will never be the same as a result of the experience.
  • Our soccer field was opened for play and has provided adults and youth an alternative activity that is also an opportunity to learn God’s word. We hope to use it to be a positive influence in the youth of the community. It has already opened the door for many young men that otherwise never would have approached us.
  • The first two widows were added to our Women’s Refuge Center where they are provided employment and other needs including Biblical counseling. They are on track to buy their own piece of land and sustain themselves in 12 months.
  • The solar powered production well with a 40 ft. tower and two 10,000 liter tanks is providing running water to our entire campus.
  • The farm produced enough food to feed us all as well as provided the community with an opportunity to buy fresh produce at a fair price to supplement their own harvests. It also provides employment for many needy families.
  • Dozens of home visits have opened doors, formed relationships, removed barriers, and proved to be just what God needed to redeem and restore broken lives.
  • The children’s home was completed and the house parents hired. The search for a Christian social worker has begun that will be the first step to a long journey of administrative issues to receive government approval.

Our family has been stretched and tried in ways we never imagined but God has proven faithful. His grace and never-ending mercy have been manifested daily. We acknowledge that we are way over our heads but God reminds us that He is made strong in our weakness. Paul said he delighted in his hardships because for Christ’s sake when he was weak he was actually strong (2 Cor. 12:9-10). It has been with amazement that we have seen God allow our hands and feet to be His instruments. We are not deserving or capable on our own, but through His strength great things are being accomplished at Abaana’s Hope.

Thank you for giving to Four Corners Ministries to support the work of our family. You too, are the hands and feet of Christ. The work has only begun and we need you now more than ever. My family encourages you to not only continue your support, but to be our Ambassadors. Please tell others why you give and encourage them to do so as well. Give them the enclosed pledge card and ask them to consider joining you.  We welcome all to come see the work for yourself or follow the updates on my Facebook page. Pray that God will continue to reveal Himself to the Acholi people and empower them to new hope and freedom in Him.  Together with can do this. Together we are!

To God be the Glory,

Myron West and Family

© 2015 Four Corners Ministries
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