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Many of our family and friends have had questions along our journey about Abaana’s Hope and why we are serving in Northern Uganda. My hope is that this blog post will help everyone better understand what Abaana’s Hope is about and see  the impact that Abaana’s Hope is having on its community. Abaana’s Hope would not be  anywhere without everyones prayers and financial givings, for that Chase and I would like to say THANK YOU! Without further ado…

The Impact of Abaana’s Hope

Imagine a community that has 80% unemployment, a place where the closest medical care is a 45 minutes drive away, a place where clean water is hard to find, a place were there is no playground for children to laugh and play, and a community that has been devastated by war for 20 years.  Let me introduce you to the Acholi people group of Northern Uganda, a place that had little hope until God placed Abaana’s Hope in the region to empower people and restore the lives of the Kinene community.

God called Abaana’s Hope to the perfect place to bring hope and restore life to a people group who literally had little hope because of the wrath that the Lords Resistance Army took on this region for 20 years. Abaana’s Hope is making a positive impact on the community by providing the opportunity for employment, clean water, affordable medical care, a safe place for children to play, and a warm- hearted environment where adults can fellowship and grow together through the love of Christ.

Currently Abaana’s Hope has the privilege of employing 120 men and women from the Kinene community. It is the goal of Abaana’s Hope to teach life skills, as well as about the love of Christ, the only one who can truly bring restoration to a region so thirsty for change.

The greatest impact that Abaana’s Hope has on the community is through its church. Every Sunday, and throughout the week, people are taught about the love of Christ and what it means to be a born again Christian. The church has formed and continues to grow in numbers, but more importantly people are giving their lives to Christ every week!

The aspiration of Abaana’s Hope is that the time spent investing in both physical and spiritual needs through long term relationships will empower the nationals to lead their country to a generational change. That change is happening everyday as empowered mothers and fathers are working hard at Abaana’s Hope to provide a bright future full of opportunities for their children and generations to come.

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