Four Corners Ministries (FCM) began in 2003 with the intent of exposing followers of Christ to what God was doing in third world countries in Central and South America. On a plane ride from a mission trip to Maracaibo, Venezuela, Jimmy Sprayberry and Paul Wilson, on their return to the US, sketched out a plan to expose Christians to short-term missions. FCM was founded and continued to grow through support from rural communities in East Alabama. Soon after Jimmy and Paul returned to the US, God opened their hearts to needs in Africa. In 2004, the ministry took its first trip to Sudan and began to narrow the focus of the ministry to East Africa.

They began exploring ministry opportunities and mobilizing teams to serve in Sudan and Uganda where they focused on providing needed aid and relief to the local churches. Local churches were encouraged through the short-term mission teams who showed unconditional love through meeting physical needs and investing in the lives of nationals through leadership training.

God continued to open doors to serve in Sudan and Uganda, as both countries were being ravaged by war, families were being torn apart and many children were orphaned as a result of the conflict.

It was at this time that FCM decided to purchase land in Uganda to provide care for the children orphaned by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and to provide water wells and relief to some remote villages in Sudan.

In 2011, our first long-term missionaries were sent to Uganda to secure land and begin the building of an orphanage in or near Kampala. However, God had chosen another area of Uganda for FCM to locate and led us to Northern Uganda where the people were still struggling to recover from the ravages of 20 years of civil war.

In 2012, FCM purchased 100 acres of land near Gulu, in Paicho sub-county in the little village of Kinene in Northern Uganda, to build a children’s village to care for orphans and vulnerable children. This village, named Abaana’s Hope, would include Family Group Homes, a church, a school, a medical clinic and agriculture projects to provide food and sustainability.

However, as we started ministering in this community, we saw that God was calling us to an expanded vision beyond orphan care. God was calling us to total family care—widows, orphans, vulnerable children, husbands, wives, victims of HIV/AIDS and families torn apart by the war. He was calling us to bring them the transforming hope that comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

What a joy to reflect back over the years to that plane ride in 2003 and follow the path God has orchestrated for FCM. We clearly see His hand and His direction in guiding us to where we are today. All glory to God for great things He has done.