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FCM is focused on building relationships with vulnerable children and families in Africa. Each year, FCM facilitates mission trips to Uganda and South Sudan, giving Christians in North America the opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ to some of the most forgotten people in the world.

Jesus often demonstrated love before He proclaimed it.  Romans 5:8 says, “And God demonstrated His love toward us while we were sinners – Christ died for us.”

As we read scripture, we discover that Jesus took simple things and made great things out of them: He turned water into wine and on one occasion He spit in the dirt to heal the blind man’s eyes. He is still demonstrating love and using simple things and working through people to do great things for His Kingdom. People just like you are using their skills as doctors, teachers, childcare workers, skilled laborers, and simple servants to serve forgotten and needy people across the globe.

If you give 10 days to those who are really hurting and in real need, it only represents about 2% of your days in the course of a year, 2%. God always takes the small and simple and does great things with it. What could God do with 2% of your days next year? At FCM, we believe that God would use it to transform the rest of the 98%.

Thrift Store

Our thrift stores provide financial support for our ongoing work and staffing needs. Four Corners Ministries has two stores located in Roanoke and Talladega, AL. The facilities stock everything from clothing to computers. Visit soon and we will help you find what you need at a price you can afford.

Service Trips

Four Corners facilitates short-term mission trips from the United States to South Sudan and Uganda to spread the unconditional love of Christ and to expose people to the work God is doing through the ministry (Matthew 28:19).

Abaana’s Hope

Abaana’s Hope has the privilege of employing over 100 men and women from the Kinene community, providing food, shelter and vocational training for homeless widows and providing a loving home for vulnerable children. It is the goal of Abaana’s Hope to teach life skills, as well as the love of Christ, the only One who can truly bring restoration to a region desperate for change.

Child Development

We are proud to pair sponsors with sweet children in South Sudan and Uganda to empower upcoming generations to lead their communities. Join with us to sponsor at-risk children who desperately need the love of God and basic human needs.

Life Beads

Life Beads gives women the opportunity to make a living to provide for their family by making jewelry out of paper. Each piece of jewelry is unique and hand made by Ugandan Artists. Life Beads is a ministry that literally breathes life and gives hope to a group of women that have had little opportunities for hope in their life.


See how our outreach is impacting people both in Africa and the United States through our media. You’ll receive a glimpse of the ministry we conduct to restore communities both spiritually and physically. See the beauty of Christ’s church coming together to serve.