Healthcare is unavailable in many areas of Uganda, and where it does exist, it is usually substandard and often expensive. As a result, many Ugandans do not receive adequate healthcare and many children die from easily treatable diseases.

When we purchased the property to build Abaana’s Hope, we found that the nearest clinic was over an hour’s walk for the people in our community, and it was not equipped or staffed to treat many of the diseases and illnesses affecting our people. After hosting several medical teams from the US to provide exams and medicine for the people, we realized the great need to provide medical care and health education to this community.

In 2014, construction on Rae Bates Medical Center was completed. Our prayer is that it will soon operate as an outpatient clinic with maternity care. We pray that God will use the clinic to provide quality care while we demonstrate the love and compassion of Christ. It is our desire that through ministering to the physical suffering of this community that God’s love, mercy and grace will be demonstrated and that spiritual healing will transform lives.