We love jewelry, and we love the women of Northern Uganda. We established Life Beads in 2012 to empower these women to better their lives and their community. We call them “Life Beads” because through the creation of jewelry, these women are given the opportunity for sustainable living. We believe that true empowerment begins with opportunity, and Life Beads helps provide a way to make that happen.

The ministry gives women the opportunity to make a living to provide for their family by making jewelry out of paper. Each piece of jewelry is unique and hand made by Ugandan Artists. Life Beads is a ministry that literally breathes life and gives hope to a group of women that have had little opportunities for hope in their lives because of the wrath that the LRA regime, Joseph Kony’s army, took on the Northern Uganda region for 20 years.

When you purchase Life Beads, you are not only getting a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry, you are helping to break a cycle of poverty. Every woman who crafts Life Beads earns a consistent monthly income, enabling them to send their children to school, provide food and a home for their families, and pay for healthcare when necessary. Every bead they string together helps breathe life into the community. It is empowerment to create jewelry and restore their community, and we think it is awesome.

Life Beads is proud to partner with the work of Abaana’s Hope, a comprehensive family village in the Kinene community of Northern Uganda. The women who create Life Beads live in the Abaana’s Hope community.