LANYERO EVALYN has a story much tougher than most. She is uncertain of many details because of some of the trauma she has faced – especially anything regarding her age. Her best guess is that she is 24 years old. She was abducted by LRA rebels when she was too young to walk the long distance every day so the rebels had to carry her for some time. Most of her life was lived with the rebels, which prevented her from ever attending school. During her time as a child soldier, she would go 3.4 days at a time without food. This made her job almost impossible. Her job was to carry the gun of a rebel soldier – it was too heavy and she was too weak. Even though they spent their nights looting, the top commanders would keep most of the things for themselves and left nothing for the young soldiers like her.

Evelyn was rescued by the Ugandan military after surviving the crossfire of a battle between the UPDF and the LRA. She raised her hands in surrender and was taken to safety sometime during her teen years. Her current husband was also a rebel and she is raising their one child and expecting another in early 2015.

The pain of Evelyn’s past is still raw and evident, but she says she believes it is time for her to “become a Christ follower.” She says she feels it in her heart, but does not feel worthy of God’s love. Pray that Evalyn will be able to accept God’s grace. Evelyn is thankful for her job at Abaana’s Hope because it allows her to provide food and medicine for her baby.