LAKER ROSE was born in Kitgum in 1975, one of eight children. Her father died in the Obote war. Rose married a soldier in the Ugandan army in 1991. One of her brothers was captured by the rebels in 1996 and died in Sudan. Her mother died in 1996 shortly after her brother’s capture. In 1998, Rose, her husband and children moved to Western Uganda for the duration of the war. In 2008, her aunt collected her and the children and brought them back to Kitgum. After three years, her husband came and took the children. Rose found out that he had taken another wife. She went for her children and he chased her away. She was able to take the youngest, her 3-year-old daughter and hid her with a family for protection. Rose heard that the second wife had tried to sell the other six children to buy rituals from the witch doctor, so she tried to get the children and bring them to safety. However, she was beaten and chased away by her husband. Some people brought her to Kinene and she became a Christ-follower through the jewelry program. She started to provide food for her children and to acquire a home to care for them. She met Justin in 2013 and they married. She has given birth to a little boy and Justin has received Christ since their marriage. They have been able to get custody of two of Rose’s children and are pursuing the legal channels to get custody of the other children.