How much does it costs anyway?

We are in the final month of our four month long furlough and it seems like we just got here. What a joy it has been to speak at a different church each week. Words can’t explain how refreshing it is to be approached by people we don’t even know and hear how they have prayed for our family and kept track of what God is doing in Uganda. We hope this letter will answer some of the many questions and request for family updates.

Our arrangement with Four Corners Ministries allows us to return home for four months after every two years of service in order to update supporters, raise additional funding, and tend to family matters. A harsh reality of missions is that much of the pledged support in the beginning will gradually fade away whether from donor fatigue or their desire to assist another project. Whatever the reason, it is necessary to constantly raise funds in order to sustain the level of support required. Everywhere we go, we are asked, “how is your support level?” We are completely transparent in not only reporting to you the progress of the work but also in explaining our support budget. Hopefully this will give you a better idea of how to give as well as how to pray for our family. Many of you have given faithfully for a long time and you are the heroes in our story. Without you, we would have to come home permanently so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Our total budget needs, including our family salary of $25,000, is approximately $49,000 annually. This includes health insurance, home school materials, internet, phone, plane tickets, work permits, fuel, security, etc. Currently we are receiving around $3100 per month from churches and individuals that have pledged monthly or annual support. That is $983 shy of our monthly needs; however, many of you have given one time donations, love offerings, or unexpected funds which we use to offset the $983 monthly gap. Obviously, for budget forecasting , we can only count the funds that have been pledged. All funds given to the West family are kept by Four Corners Ministry in the West Family Support account. Every penny is designated to the costs listed above.  All that said, we need your help closing that $983 gap. We know that God will provide it through someone like you or your church and we praise Him in advance.

To pledge support, individuals or churches may sign up at Four Corners Ministries at under the donate tab. You may also call the office at 334-737-6338 to set up periodic donations.  You may also email me directly with any questions or concerns at With your help, lives are being transformed. We welcome you all to come to our village and see first hand the work that you have done.

Myron West

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