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With only a few more days until our first furlough back to the U.S., the good-byes are getting tougher. Its a must that we travel to raise more support and while we are eager to see our loved ones so incredibly bad, the people here have captured our hearts. Our love for them has surpassed anything we imagined possible when we first began our journey a few years ago. What a pure joy it has been to share life with them. Above is a letter given to me this morning. God has a way of giving us the encouragement we need to press on right when we need it most and He knows just how to make us as excited to return to our African home as we are to return to our American home. Below is the translation of a the letter from a family in our village. I requested his permission to share it. Let me be clear, while we are mentioned often, this is God’s story and we are only privileged enough to be caught up in it.

“Dear Myron West Family,

Dear Uncle Myron West and your family. I am happy to prepare and send some communication greeting to you and your family in the name of Jesus Christ.
I and my wife and two daughters God gave me, we hereby do give appreciation to you and your family to let you know that we also know how you and your family really care about our family whether in moments of sickness, in moments of healthiness and normal life.
We really still remember how you made my dad’s family change by leading them, including me and my family toward Jesus Christ and salvation. So you and your family are hard working in the time of leadership.
We really appreciate God for using you and your family by taking me to the school of child evangelism fellowship and that it really made me live so different than who I was before. You really made me a servant of God through teaching the children with the good news about Jesus Christ.
Me and my family, we really hate that you are leaving on Monday and that is sad news that we now have in our home because we are going to be missing you a lot. The only way we can see you and your family is through our imagination because we will be missing you all seriously. You and your family are heading on a journey to America and the state of Alabama. We really wish you and your family prosperity in your journey.
May God bless you and the family with all of His power. We as a family will be praying for you and your family so that God should let us meet again face to face. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Yours Faithfully,
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P.S. Jesus is the only way for your journey. Just cover yourself with the blood of Christ.”

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