Happy New Year from Uganda! As we look back over the past year God has been at work in more ways than one. We are so thankful for the opportunities that we have had and the people that we have met along life’s journey in 2013. We are so excited to see what 2014 will be like while we work with our AH team to help build a better future for the Acholi people group!

January marks five months since we moved to Uganda and we have been blessed with smooth sailing thus far! Chase has been working non-stop at the land building a medical center, children’s home and two Ugandan staff houses. Abaana’s Hope has hired an Agriculture Manager that will begin working on Monday. He will oversee over 50 acres of production agriculture and help bring Abaana’s Hope to self-sustaining capacity. The jewelry program, Life Beads, has grown tremendously this year and because of all the support in the states, just this past month we were able to hire 16 new women from the Abaana’s Hope community. We now have 36 women in the Life Beads program and these women are so thankful for the opportunity to make money to provide for their family!

We already have some exciting things planed for 2014 and are anxious to see how the Lord will shape our goals to fit His plan here in Uganda. There will be a lot of bricks and cement being thrown around at the land as we complete the medical center, children’s home and the two Ugandan staff houses! Some new building projects that will begin, and we pray completed in 2014, is an Abaana’s Hope Chapel to house the some 300 people who come to worship on Sundays at the land, a production well that will supply water to the entire AH property, a kitchen that will be staffed to cook two meals for our workers everyday (our current kitchen is outside), a toilet/shower block to compliment the Ugandan staff houses and housing (ot-lums) for the Women’s Restoration Refuge Center.

As we enter 2014 we ask for you to pray for these specific things:

  • Wisdom and guidance with all Abaana’s Hope Projects
  • Safety and good health to not hinder any work that needs to be done
  • For good relationships/friendship to be built between the AH jewelry ladies
  • For the Lord to provide us with a sound Biblical preacher for Abaana’s Hope
  • For discernment when making tough decisions
    -When to move to the AH property?
  • For Christ to be shared and scene within all of our relationships
  • For Chases Work Visa to be approved


We cannot say thank you enough for every ones continued love and support as we try our best to do Gods Will for our lives in Gulu, Uganda! Some people have been asking what we need and the most important thing we need is prayer, but we have also created a Target List of things we need physically, http://www.target.com/ot/list/Zchxyzljjx8lPjWq2A1OpA . Thank you again for your prayers and encouragement. We hope you and your family have a blessed new year!


In Christ,

The Barbreys




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