There are many exciting things going on at Abaana’s Hope. So many projects that we can hardly keep up and in fact we rarely do. It is so easy to grow discouraged when facing various obstacles and its even easier to get over zealous when things are moving well. The medical clinic, the foster home, the demonstration farm, chapel, women’s refuge, school, etc. are all of utmost importance to us. However, most of these take time to develop and a lifetime to master. But God has one overall project and I was reminded this morning at the Abaana’s Hope worship service just how perfectly well it is going.

His project is those created in His own image. Its the Kingdom of Heaven and the restoration of what has been rightly His since the beginning of time. His project is deliverance from the lies and strongholds that have held the Acholi people captive for years. As I stood in the back of the crowded medical center porch I watched it fill beyond capacity. They have formed a choir to lead in the worship. As the 13 or 14 of them began praising God, praying, singing, and dancing the entire crowd joined in. The song was “God send your spirit down on us” and boy did he. Just as we began I heard Pastor Sunday shout, “Nobody is here to entertain you! Get up and shout praise to your God!” Realizing I was one of the few still sitting I immediately jumped to my feet and prayed what the choir was already singing.

You can’t explain surreal moments but God met with us. The singing was so loud and the worship so intense and genuine that the entire building had to be shaking. People were on their knees praising God. People were jumping up and down praising God. This went on well over an hour. All the tears were soon mixed with sweat. Three jeri cans of water and one cup were brought in. There were no complaints, just praise to the Almighty.  A teen girl emerged from the crowd and began to testify. She praised God for her mother who sat her down, explained Christ to her and taught her to pray. Her mother came rushing through the crowd and embraced her as they smiled through their tears and the music started back up.  Another lady emerged praising God and testifying about a witch doctor that came to her house this week wishing to buy a white chicken for a spell. Her husband cried out to the witch doctor, “we are born again now and that chicken is for us Christians”. The witch doctor kept trying to disturb them and even the small children told her we are born again so you should stop coming around here. They no longer feared because Christ has set them free. Four others that I did not know accepted Christ as their savior this morning.

The picture is obviously a group of worshipers pouring their heart out to the Lord. I could not get everyone in the photo but every set of knees that are bowed on that cement floor has a story. I know most of them and if I put them in writing very few would even believe the journeys that have led to the worship that took place there today. There is a lady who just found the strength to forgive the husband that abused her and is praying he will quit drinking. There is a man that has battled with alcohol since the war and God is trying to set Him free from it. There is a lady whose family was killed and she supports herself and two orphans with what little she makes on our farm. There is a lady recently set free from witchcraft. There is a lady(over a dozen in fact) who was abducted by rebels and forced to commit unspeakable horrors. There is a blind man praising God for being so blessed. There is a prostitute that is often shunned by others. There is a man who was once a rebel soldier, that is now persecuted by family for his faith in Christ and has been forced to find a new place to live.  I could go on and on as my mind travels around the room but today these people are delivered. Their lives belong to Christ and they cannot be plucked from His hand. We will rejoice with them for an eternity.  God is reaping a harvest in Northern Uganda and I am thankful for Four Corners Ministries’ vision to reach out to these amazing people. I am even more thankful to be dab smack in the middle of it!


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