ARYEMO JENNIFER was born in Kinene in 1983, one of eleven children. Four died from malaria and a brother was captured by the LRA and forced to join the rebels. This was in 1990 during the first phase of the war. They received word from a neighbor that Museveni’s army was coming to kill them because of her brother’s serving with the LRA; however, because of a heavy rain the preceding night, the government troops were unable to cross the river to their home. They immediately fled to Masindi District to Bweyale. Jeniffre was saved in 1996 and married a man from Anaka who was staying in Bweyale. They returned to Anaka in 2009. By this time she had given birth to six children. One child died upon their return to Anaka because of lack of breast milk. She soon found that her husband was involved with other women, so they divorced and she returned home to her parents’ land in 2010. She is working to support her children.