ALU PAMELA was born in Kitgum in 1978 and was an only child. Her mother was from Kenya and after her father’s death in 1999 returned to Kenya as the war intensified. Pamela was captured by the rebels and during a crossfire, a bomb exploded in front of her and damaged her eyesight. As she ran to escape, she fell in a deep pit and hid for probably ten hours. The pit was so deep she could not climb out and feared she would die there. She heard government troops and a voice came to her ears saying if she didn’t raise her hands and surrender, she would die. She raised her hands and surrendered her gun. They brought her to the barracks in Gulu and contacted the LC (Local Council) who searched for her family. She returned to Kitgum, but the rebels searched for her and found her in Kitgum, tied her up like a goat, preparing to kill her. The government troops heard about her recapture, found her and rescued her. She fled from Kitgum to Kinene where she met her husband and has birthed five children. Pamela has been saved since joining our ladies who make jewelry.