Opiyo has worked on our farm for about 9 months. He is in his early 20’s. A good worker. Does what is asked of him and shows appreciation for the opportunity. He always sits close during devotions and other meetings because he is totally blind in one eye and losing vision in the other. He pays close attention to what is being said and is usually one of the first hands to go up with a question. He has two wives and three children between the two. He says his greatest struggle is to provide properly for each of them.  His parents could not afford to further his education much beyond primary school for him or his 9 siblings. In his own words, “I do not have a skill to make money with, so I will always have to make it with sweat.” Yesterday our friend Opiyo had his life changed for eternity as he became a joint heir with Christ Himself. He became one of the richest people in existence.

Opiyo approached Kris and myself saying that he really needed to talk privately. We found a shady spot and sat down as he began to tell his background to us. Then he said, “What I really need to say is that I badly want to be saved. I need to be born again and change all of my ways, but I have a three problems” We sat quietly as he began to list his concerns. He said, “First I have two wives and I know that is not the proper way. Secondly, none of my family or neighbors are saved and it will be difficult or impossible for me to dwell peacefully with them. Thirdly, I was taken and baptized in a Catholic church when I was a small child. I feel like those prevent me from following Jesus.”

We explained to him that it appeared Christ was drawing him to Himself for several months now based on previous conversations and questions he had asked. We explained the power of satan and how he will tell any lie to keep us from trusting in Christ. Satan lied by telling him that he could not be saved with two wives. He tried to discourage him by pointing out the condition of his family and neighbors. He lied by telling him the Catholic Church had already secured salvation for him.  His face lifted and he said, “That is exactly what is happening to me. He is giving me reasons to not do it”.  We then shared how the woman at the well, the maniac of Gadara, and others had rushed to tell others when they had been changed by Jesus. We asked who would go and tell his family and neighbors about God’s saving power if not him and he said, “I will be the one”. We said, “Then what do you want to do?” He quickly responded, “I want to be saved right now right here. I know it will not be easy but I know it is the only way”.

We were able to lead Opiyo to a true saving knowledge of Christ and explained the fullness of the Gospel to him. There is no more beautiful sight than to see a man that God draws to Himself stand firm in the midst of satan’s lies, humble himself and follow Christ. Today, I asked him if he went home to tell his wives and he said that he had. I asked what their response was and he just smiled and said, “You will see them Sunday”.  Pray for my new brother Opiyo as he shares the gospel with his family. He knows he may be rejected but he also knows their lives may never be the same. He is one of many that God is speaking to around Abaana’s Hope and we are honored to see redemption and hope manifested in our people’s lives. Simple faith, simple decision, simple obedience, and a simple testimony.

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